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    February bug

    February bug

    Hi there!

    Been wandering around AO and updated my profile.

    Birthday 1976-02-31 - I have found out that there is really a Feb 30-31 option here, huh?

    Is it a BUG or had been put there as an option to have it as a BOGUS Birthday? ‘Coz I had seen much about putting your real information is being discouraged many many times (for security reasons).

    Sorry, can’t find anything like this in the Oops! A Bug! (or maybe there is). And if there is, shouldn’t it be fixed right away?

    Anyway, if such had been mentioned (and answered), please feel free to let me know.

    Thanks a lot!

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    It seems that you have been caught by the AO "tarpit" (fly paper)..............we have to adjust time by one second every 10,000 years.............this gives you February 30 and 31............now, as a 1 year old juvenile delinquent, your rights are.......................

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