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    hi there,
    well it is a general missconception that TSR are allways a virus or programs used for fry'ng up the MoBo's , Crashing of hard drives, Smok'in cards and burnt monitors,
    but... is there any other side of coin, how a TSR can be useful.
    (All this is for my knowledge because i want to start learning TSR programing and i don't want to call any trouble.)

    smoking is really bad for ur PC....

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    Hi lokeshdb_ms

    You have an old man wallowing in nostalgia..........TSRs

    It means "Terminate and Stay Resident"

    Basically some DOS or ASM proggy that loads into RAM and stays there.............a bit like a windows "service" these days.............

    You can kill them by finding them and renaming them .txt or whatever............just ignore the error message when you reboot

    They are not "malware" as such, just very old technology?

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    thanx for that nihil,
    but are there any present day (good) applications left for TSR,
    or simpaly can TSR be use for some.... usefull... thing.

    smoking is really bad for ur PC....

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    IMHO,TSR only have a meaning one a monotask O.S, such as MS-DOS. Since current PC O.S. are multitask, your program can load on memory and just stay there. You can even write those programs on VB, for example.
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