windows needs load dll's
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Thread: windows needs load dll's

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    windows needs load dll's

    when i try to boot up my computer in windows xp, i get a message that windows is missing load dll's. safe mode tells me that the files it needs are ntoskrnl.exe hal.dll and kdcom.dll i have seen that a lot of people have had this problem and were able to fix it by running a windows repair, but hwen i try to run a windows repair it just says that it is an unformatted partition, but when i add the hard drive as an extra to my other computer, i can access all of my files, so the partition is properly formatted and isn't screwed up. does anyone know how i could fix this without having to reformat and start over?

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    Your boot master or mbr is mess up. Those are hard to fix without reformating.
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    Try this
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    These files come in well after the boot manager has finished.

    Try reconciling them with the original media's(or last service packs) versions of the .dlls.\"A dark angel of sin, preying deep from within...\" - Rob Halford

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    Hi there seek&destroy ,

    Thats the second outdated post you have brought up now, appritiate your trying to help but it is doubtfull if these people need help anymore.

    Check the dates- if they are flashing it is generaly the rule that you dont post unless you have something real helpful to add.

    There are a few round here who usually get upset and would more than likley neg you for it.
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