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    wireless wireless


    I live in a place where I share a cable connection. My apartment is a long ways from the house (one of those mother-in law places) so wireless is the way I connect to the cablemodem.

    I have several computers that I need to connect to the network, but only one has a wireless card.

    I placed my home wireless router inside the main house and I get connection no problem at my place, but I want to know if there is a way I can get my LAN online over here at my apartment.

    If I bought another wireless router, does it need to have a regular rj45 for the incoming, or can it pick up the wireless signal from the house?

    I have a jpeg of the intended design, except that I would have my laptop get an ip address from the #2 router if it works.

    here is the diagram :


    will router #2 work in this fashion?

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    many wieless Accespoints provide a Bridge mode/repeater mode .. .. I havent worked with wireless routers but I assume that some support this mode (I assume your talking a Wirless AP with build in multi port ethernet router)
    check the specs on units similar to the d-link dwl-200ap
    but make sure youre locked down..
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    What you want to do can be accomplished by putting your AP's in Bridge Mode: http://support.dlink.com/faq/view.as...WL-900AP+_revC

    Wireless Bridge mode allows the Access Point to communicate with another Access Point capable of wireless bridging. A typical scenario for this selection is connecting two buildings through a wireless connection. However, be aware that compatibility between different manufacturers or chipsets may not always work.

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