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Thread: Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1

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    Post Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1

    I have Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1 installed on my computer. In the Message Center are of the Anti-Spyware beta, it says, "This Version Expires in 155 day(s) .
    This version of Microsoft AntiSpyware expires on July 31, 2005. Please contact Microsoft for an update version."
    I was wondering if everyone's Microsoft AntiSpyware product also expires on the same date?, or if it is just mine. I don't recall reading during the installation process that it had an expiration date.
    Do they plan on charging after July 31, 2005?
    And they should defintely implement an option to start up at at start up (or do they)? I don't want it to start up at Windows Start Up.

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    This is a beta for testing and feedback and the end date for their evaluation is probably not later than 31 Jul 2005.

    If you are using a previous version you can simply upgrade to the refreshed version. The version number of the refreshed version is 1.0.509. To check the version number, click About Microsoft AntiSpyware on the Help menu.

    Customers who have installed Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware prior to this date(Feb 2005) do not need to re-download. They will receive signature updates as part of their next automatic or manual signature update.

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    I don't have it installed, so I'll have to default to someone who does. However you can always check your registry and startup if applicable.

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    there is an option for it to start pon startup/or not start. even if there wasnt you could just take it out of the startup with the tools that it comes with or through msconfig. just upgrade to the newest version and it should get rid of the count down.
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