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    PM me....

    Be prepared to send me a copy of your script after I sign a disclaimer accepting that the entire original work is yours.... I'll _advise_ you how to fix it to give "realism" without making it boring, (unless it's boring in the first place... ... But remember, if it can't be fixed in such a way as to make it real, there wouldn't be much I could do... nor anyone else....

    The whole problem is the storyline and how you can incorporate the "hacking" issue without boring the hell out of the audience and losing them on a technical basis at the same time.... It needs to be done on an understandable/explainable basis. It would need some "edge" to the story in a way that the technical aspects are undestandable to the regular person in order to create the "edge". It can be done with appropriate dialogue but that's not easy to create and be _realistic_ in the end.

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    Hi DOOB~

    Firstly, I cannot advise you very much on the technical side.............my "hacking" belongs to a couple of generations ago

    But do think about that................it will take you maybe a year to write your script, so you need to sort of "future proof" it?

    I have already suggested "Rainbow Tables" which are sort of pre-calculated password cracks.

    On the communications side you should be looking at wireless (WiFi), "hotspots", wardriving and so on...............maybe some satellite stuff as well....................then there is "nonestop" I am afraid you will have to google for that one

    Hacking corporate phone networks?.....nah! too 1970's

    How about "leaching" fibre optic cables?

    One thing I can assure you of, is that you don't have time to learn the techniques yourself, you need some technical advisors. Otherwise someone else will beat you to it.

    Also remember poetic licence..............you can use time compression, just get the technological feasibility right.

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