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Thread: I ask a favour.

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    I ask a favour.

    I need someone/some program to find out where this spam is coming from for me. I have the ip address, I just need someone/some program to find this information for me.

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    If you have the IP then you know where. Unless you mean something like a WHOIS, which should give the country of registration and the ISP that runs that IP so you can make a complaint to their abuse@isp.com address?
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    This sounds horribly like an "I have my "enemy's" IP address but I have no clue what to do with it" kinda question....

    But then it might just be me....

    Why are you so desperate to stop this one in a million spammer? Can't you just filter him out? He's not a very good one if he always uses a recognizable start point.....
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    I agree with tiger. maybe I am also just too paranoid?
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    What do you mean by "SPAM"?

    Technically speaking it is unsolicited e-mail

    That will not come from the same ip address every time.............these guys use spoofed IP addresses, open relays and the like. And they keep MOVING!

    Is this a "hacking" attempt we are talking about?

    My advice is to secure yourself and forget it.............you may think you know the IP address........you don't............you know jack sh1t...........that much is pretty obvious

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    you may think you know the IP address........you don't............you know jack sh1t

    Nihil, You filty pottymouth

    Blood_Lust, so you have the IP of a computer that's bothering you?
    Well, you have a few options:
    1) Do as MsMittens said. Trace the IP, find out the ISP and report this IP to their abuse dept.
    2) Do as Tiger/Nihil said. Secure your system and ignore it because it's typical internet traffic. (Even if you have an IP, you may be nowhere near the offending person/program whose initiating it) and you'll wind up targeting someone whose got no idea who you are let alone why you're accusing them of attacking you.
    3) A combination of 1) & 2) (Recommended)
    4) Call the FBI and tell them you think you've found Bin Laden's IP address. That should get their attention.
    5) Reformat your hard drive. Just because.
    **note**This last option is known as one of the best security measures against internet attacks.
    6) Rip your internet connection out of the wall (your phone jack or your cable line) and gnaw on it for awhile claiming it "tastes just like chicken".
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    Re: I ask a favour.

    Originally posted here by Blood_Lust
    I need someone/some program to find out where this spam is coming from for me.
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