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Thread: Balls to the firewall

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    Question Balls to the firewall

    What is the most common method of surpassing a firewall?

    And what is the easiet way to block that method?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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    Answer 1) By getting the user to turn it off, or bypass it.
    Answer 2) by not turning it off or giving anything permission to bypass it.
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    Ok, this is now getting downright stupid. First you get into 'how to hack this or that' in here:

    Then you completely disregarded the advice we gave you, and persist in asking the same bloody thing in this thread. That's it.

    You must spread your AntiPoints around before giving it to DOOBERT again.
    Somebody red this guy again please?
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    take |3lack|ce advice you should not ask these kind of questions thats why i gave you some reds. if this is the stuff your interested in google it and then if you cant find any info on google what you need to do is google it cuz google has answers to all and we dont have answers to questions like this(well we do but we dont post them ).

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    What is the most common method of surpassing a firewall?
    I assume you mean bypass. Get your target to install a remote access trojan.

    And what is the easiet way to block that method?
    Don't go clicking on everything you see and get sent via the internet.
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