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    Video Player

    Need a video player that will play wmv (windows Media File) that will run on suse. i have real player but it is not playing the file.

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    1) Google is your friend:

    2) Why is this posted in *nix Security? Wouldn't General Chit Chat be a better place for this? (Meant as gentle reminder. I do it, too! )

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    look at vlc .... ......... it will solve all your video woes.

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    OK, uninstall Xine that came with SUSE and all dependencies.

    Use that and read the instructions. Works well and you can watch DVDs.
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    To be truthful - I prefer VLC - its cross platform / no codec hell / can use it to stream a video stream or tv broadcast throughout the network (or the internet if the pipe is big enough) / plays VCD, DVD, basically whatever you want to chuck at it ... awesome product.

    VLC might not be as pretty as the rest but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in features.

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