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Thread: Download problems!

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    Download problems!

    hello people!!!

    I have a few questions that need expertise advice.

    a) When a download stops and it says "complete" but its just for ex, at 14% is that fault of my connection, configuration, the server? why does that happens?

    The other one is, is it possible for someone to transfer a "Dir" directory from a Linux server to a M$ server and then back to another M$ server? i mean the hole dir, how is that possible (if so)?

    Thanx alot!!!

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    Hey Hey,

    I've actually never seen a file say complete when it's failed... Usually you'll get a pop-up error that says Connection Timed out.. or connection to server lost.... in which case it's usually the servers settings... We have a lot of students who have time outs on large downloads because of the session time outs that are set...

    As far as your transfering you could ftp and transfer a directory... use wget if it's a website... or use samba and just mv the directory... There are lots of ways you could do it... Mostly the same as any single file... Are you having problems doing the transfer?

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