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    Kazaa = Partition Magic = Free Partitions!

    Inpatience comes to those who wait.
    <sarcasm>Is this a warez forum? I wouldn't put Kazaa on my dogs computer... I doubt he would let me anyhow, he is a very intelligent canine. </sarcasm>
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    I used SuSE to partition my new PC's disk....
    I initially wanted a shared (between Linux and Windows) swap partition at the beginning of the disk....

    So I'd almost agree with Gore's fdisk, but I'd put a "c" at the beginning ;-)

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    Buahahahahahaha SUSE saves the day again.
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    yeah - Im going to try that Ranish site mentioned a few posts ago - thanks (i think - I haven't tried it yet)

    Kazaa is like a disease - everytime I have put it on my system (always temporarily) I immediately uninstall it when I get what I needed and spend the next 2 hours running anti-spy and ad ware, anti virus scanning, trojan scanning and registry repair software.

    In short ------------ F(&( Kazaa
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    I think more of what nokia meant was:

    ANY decent p2p Network and program == Parition Magic with a final cost of you having an internet connection.
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