HI I know most people know that windows has secret files that keeps all of your internet surfing logged and all of your Outlook Express E-mail logged in them. Now any site you go to with a tutorial on how to get them will tell you to do a bunch of things but i found a much easer way to get to these hidden files wile messing with them here is how. all you have to do is go to your C:\ drive then documents and settings then the user of your choice in my exampe i am using owner then goto local settings then just copy the Temporary Internet Files folder to your desktop and open it up the hidden files will be their you do not even need to have to go to your folder options and have to change the hide protected system files but you will need to have it show hidden files. I just thaught i would share this finding with you all and at the bottom of my post is the path That the file is in and rember that Owner should be replaced with your username. Also i have only tryed this with winXP home edition and i have also not tryed it with Outlook because i dont use Outlook.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings

If this dose not work for you for some reason plz PM me and if you get it to work with Outlook plz post it up here and how you did it if you did it a diffrent way.