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Thread: BTK Memorex diskette 1.44MB

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    BTK Memorex diskette 1.44MB

    BTK serial killer sent a package to local Fox news in Wichita, inside a Memorex diskette 1.44MB that the fool thought he had cleaned. FBI forensics did a little magnetic data recovery and found some data on a Lutheran church. Contacted the local church... asked who had access to the comp. Raders name came up in the handful of names. From there BTK was profiledů daughter was contacted in MI. for blood samples.

    Moral of the story, at the end of the day right click --> A: --> format --> quick format isn't a panacea in the world of data destruction.

    It was a purple disk BTW.

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    Neither is any type format outisde of specialized "wiping".

    It's intersting as this this story unfolds. His vanity got the best of him, indirectly.
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    |o| You'd think common sense would ring in, If I'm going to send off a diskette that is ultimately going to the FBI's computer forensic labs. Maybe I should wear gloves, hairnet, body-suit, and use the end of a pencil to push a *new* diskette in the drive etc.....

    Look, I'm no profiler but I'm adding cheap-ass to the BTK criminal profile for reusing a hymns diskette.

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    Interesting in deed. Here's the article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6988048/
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    I used to think del *.* would erase a disk....
    As I learned later in life, Format works better.
    Then in college I learned that Format /u was a safer bet agains 'unformat'.
    As I became privy to the tools the industry used, I thought that format /u /mbr was the wisest thing to do.
    Then forensics taught me to zero the drive out at best.
    I then seen a disgruntled employee 0 out a drive with three passes and my Director called up a friend that emailed him an 84K application that recovered the data.
    Impressed I was.... ( He would not let me have a copy of the app )
    So, the last job that I bailed out of, I 0'ed it out 7 times over before I rolled.
    A contact that still worked there said that the company bought three different pieces of
    software to try and recover my drive. Curiosity killed the cat? I guess so, the only reason they had to recover my drive was that they did not know what was on it. The funny thing was that there was an image of my drive on the network. They just did not bother to ask me about it when they rushed me out the door the day before the end of my two weeks notice.
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