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Thread: usenet ... newsgoups

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    usenet ... newsgoups

    what is the difference between usenet and newsgrops. do they use a certain protocol. how can i use either of them. i'm sorry but i have no idea about this subject. can someone point me to a guide to these two things

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    Google is your friend!

    Searched for define: usenet
    A worldwide bulletin board system that can be accessed through the Internet or through many online services. The USENET contains more than 14,000 forums, called newsgroups, which cover every imaginable interest group.
    searched for define: newsgroup
    Discussion groups on the Internet (not on the Web, which is only one area of the Internet). Newsgroups are classified by subject matter and do not necessarily deal with journalism or "news." Health, hobbies, celebrities, and cultural events are the subjects of many newsgroups. Participants in a newsgroup conduct discussions by posting messages for others to read, and responding to the messages posted by others.
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    i thought usenet was the start, or daddy of all newgroups...

    yeah usenet startin 1979 as an alternative to net, as it became more popular it was morphed with the internet and is now commonly referred to as 'newsgroups'.

    Then in 1985 NNTP was invented
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    where can i find the list of these group and how can i look at them

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    Google Groups (formerly DejaNews) allows for free access and you can see many of the news groups. Your ISP may also have a newsfeed so check with them as well. You can find other feeds here: http://directory.google.com/Top/Comp...Feed_Services/

    The thing about some feeds is that they are "censored" so you don't get the complete listing of *ALL* the newsgroups (then again, some of those newsgroups are rather lame -- e.g., alt.die.die.die.die.wesley.crusher)
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    Re: usenet ... newsgoups

    Originally posted here by unhappy
    what is the difference between usenet and newsgrops. do they use a certain protocol. how can i use either of them. i'm sorry but i have no idea about this subject. can someone point me to a guide to these two things
    Quick and simple answer. The newsgroups are Usenet.
    Yes, it uses it's own protocol, NNTP (way back in the old days it used to use UUCP).

    You could use Outlook (Express) but I don't recommend that. It sucks big time.
    Better use Forte's Agent (there's a free version) or XNews (free).
    If you're on Linux/BSD I higly recommend Pan (no windows version).

    Most ISPs also supply you with access to their newsservers. Have a look at the service pages of your ISP. They usually have some explaination on how to configure your newsclient.
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    Not quite related humourous note:

    One of my favorite tech quotes ever is, again, from Gene 'Spaf' Spafford of Purdue, and describes Usenet...
    Usenet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea -- massive, difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it.
    Spaf was an active and highly visible (just ask him ) member in the early years of the 'Net and Usenet.
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