The top 10 viruses for February 2005 were as follows:

W32/Zafi-D: 30.8 percent (Third month at number one)
W32/Netsky-P: 22.3 percent
W32/Zafi-B: 9.7 percent
W32/Bagle-BK: 5.2 percent (New entry)
W32/Netsky-D: 4.2 percent
W32/Netsky-Z: 3.8 percent
W32/Sober-K: 3.4 percent (New entry)
W32/Sobig-F: 2.5 percent (New entry)
W32/Netsky-B: 2.4 percent
W32/MyDoom-O: 1.5 percent


User education, good anti-virus software, and a sensible email policy can make worms like this an irrelevance.
Amen to that brother.