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    there was no doubt about Mr. Al-Mazrooei's intentions when he took the four-hour drive to Bedford County to meet with the "teenager," noting that in one e-mail he said, "I know what I'm doing is illegal, I know that it is wrong," and in another, "If you've got a friend, maybe we could have a threesome.

    I hope he tries this **** when he gets home. On the other hand, maybe it's not
    illegal to sexually abuse teenagers in his country.
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    rcgreen, the world is very different.

    Personal take: Many muslims will find that offensive but will look the other way as long as he marries her. Depending on how he treats her... Then it's ok. We find that offensive but, even criminal. But, however they feel about it "back home"... grossly embarassing the Emarites is a BAD thing. He will probably be executed or someone will enact the justice of god on him in a back alley.
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    And just how far away do you think an American / Brit would have got ?
    Our governments do the 'right' thing, and, it seems, no one else gives a stuff
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