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Thread: products for finding hotspots/rogue access points

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    products for finding hotspots/rogue access points

    I have been looking at a few...does anyone know of any good ones out there? So far I am looking at the one by Canary and another by Hawking Technologies. I have tried Wifoo and other such software on my PDA but it doesn't allow me to pinpoint where the location is...in fact when I get within 10ft it kinda cuts out. I just wanted to know if any of these devices work.

    I guess I should add this little bit. I just got thrown into the security role here at my company. I want to implement another solution that will actually monitor and shutdown rogue access points. But until I get approval from management I am on my own.

    I was just wondering what people thought of these products or if you have seen anything better.

    just so you know what I am talking about here is a link of an example to each:



    the second kinda looks like those communication devices on star trek.

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    i have the Kensington keychain WiFi finder. I works decent for me but sometimes goes off when there is no wireless network around. I belive it only pics up B/G, im not so sure about A.

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    I use a Canary Wireless Sniffer....
    Works good... It will only find B and G's unless in Bridge Mode
    It will find Cloaked (ssid off)
    If it secure it will find it and report the channel it is on
    It cannot tell if it is using MAC Address filtering
    and No sniffer out there will find bridges and A's unless
    you are willing to spend big bucks....
    Air snort will or should find bridges.... If you want to use
    a laptop.... and AP in A mode if you have a A,B,G Card
    Just to look around ...use www.netstumbler.com on a computer
    and be amazed at how may open AP's that are out there...
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    There's ministumbler out there too for PDA's.
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