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Thread: Patch Installation Error

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    Patch Installation Error

    Recently, while trying to install the Jan & Feb MS patches I ran into a situation where the installer prompts for the file branches.inf eventhough its available in the temp path. I got info that this is probably due to the cryptographic services corruption. Even after applying the fix, on one machine I was not able to succeed in installon the patches.
    Please let me know if anyone has encontered this problem and has found a fix for the same.


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    I have had problems apply patches once in a while...

    The MS site has a contact us in regards to updates and offers free support via email


    They have been able to resolve by having me remove the temp update folder\files created and try the update again...

    It depends on the os on where the files are...
    cant remember the exact file name something like WUtemp

    Try clearing your IE cache and temp files...

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