Here's a bright idea; apply to an ivy league school, read online how you can hack their web based software to find out early if you've been accepted, attempt to find out your fate only to learn they haven't made a decision about you yet, but because you exploited the vulnerability, you now are automatically rejected.
-Security Focus article-

Hacker helps business school applicants get early decision
By Michael Kunzelman, The Associated Press Mar 3 2005 2:07PM

A computer hacker gained access to internal admissions records at Harvard, Stanford and other top business schools, then helped applicants log on and learn their fate weeks ahead of schedule, officials said Thursday.

Few of the people who followed the hacker's directions managed to find out if their applications have been accepted, according to school officials. But many of them could end up getting rejected now that the schools are checking to see who tried to exploit the security breach.

"Hacking into a system in this manner is unethical and also contrary to the behavior we expect of leaders we aspire to develop," said Steve Nelson, executive director of the MBA program at Harvard Business School.