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Thread: Amazing Parrot

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    Amazing Parrot

    One of the students at my college posted this in our student forum and it's a rather impressive bird.


    Parrots definately will learn anything.
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    Yes, yes they can. Einstein is an African Grey, IMHO one of the most intelligent species of hookbills out there. They are one of the most talkative and articulate of the parrot family, with only the Amazon coming as close, and there's a LOT of debate amongst bird lovers as to which is truly the most articulate. From having bred and raised cockatiels, lovebirds, quakers and amazons, I can tell you that each bird is like having a 2 year old to look after. They're very inquisitive, playful, and intelligent, and all require a LOT of individual attention. Although I no longer keep birds, I miss having them around - they were a source of endless entertainment and companionship to me at a time when I needed both these things.

    Back on Einstein - he's one of the best trained birds I've seen. Many people can get a bird to do a few responses on verbal stimulation like that, but only a very few can get them to do so many different ones, and fewer still can get them to overcome the nervousness of doing these things before a crowd. Einstein's trainer must have a very spectacular relationship with her bird for him to be so relaxed amidst the crowds.
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