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Thread: How to remove a CPU?

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    Question How to remove a CPU?

    I'm currently working what seems to be a dead motherboard for an HP Pavillion 725n. I need to remove the CPU (if possible) and stick it in another motherboard to see if it's salvagable. I've never done this before, however, and I have no clue how to remove it!

    The CPU has a heat sink on top of it, which is firmly attached, with no screws. Best I can tell, it has a little bar running across the middle that's TIGHTLY latched to both sides of the CPU, and doesn't look like I could unlatch it without breaking something.

    Can you guys point me in a direction with this? I'll be online for quite a bit if anyone cares to IM me and walk me through a little of it too. THANKS!

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    quote]and doesn't look like I could unlatch it without breaking something[/quote]

    best don't touch it!!..
    Grab your digi camera and fire a shot of that bar and upload that to this thread.. especialy if your lookig at something different to the image I have attached

    the removal will require a flat blade screwdriver and a little effort.. and caution.. (your showing that).. the screwdriver slots into the tab on the "bar".
    A little pressure downward on the clip while levering out should have that clip removed in a few seconds

    easy when you've done one or two (hundred)
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    Here ya go. Just check out the attached image.

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    Ok, so, it's not budging...I can it get it pressed down but it WILL NOT come out, and I have too little space to pry with, and lucky me...the latch for the flathead broke off in the proccess! Aaaah!

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    Ok, I took a look at the picture and it looks to be the same thing that undertaker has. And that means it should be easy . Look at both sides of the heatsink, on one side there should be a little metal plate under one of the latches. If you see it, then thats the side you need to work on to protect your motherboard. Now stick your flathead on the little "U" shape of the latch. Now this takes some muscle, push down rather hard and now kind of push out while pushing down at the same time to unlatch...

    Yeh it's kind of hard to explain but you should understand after trying it a few times. Also, make sure the processor your taking out is the right processor for the mobo and make sure your mobo has the right socket for the processor... It looks like your taking out an AMD processor, make sure the new mobo getting that processor is an AMD compatable mobo... If it is then you probably don't need to worry about the socket type because most AMD sockets nowadays are socket A's...

    You might want to take a look at my tutorial for some more info...

    Here ya go
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    Got it! That trick worked! Thanks guys!

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