I ditched the D-Links that I had worked with. I just gave them away. The people I gave them to just threw them in the trash... Peice of crap IMO.

I have a decent wired router for my boarder router (Cisco Broadband Router 831) and use a belkin 54g router as just an access point.

At my girl's house... we have dsl and just had an older netgear router for the wired hosts... and used the neighbors wireless for the laptops...

I just got a Linksys wrt54g to install over there today. I've had no problems with it so far and there is a whole community building custom firmware for it. I loaded some custom firmware on it right out of box for a 14dBm gain without replacing the stock antennas. Plus... there are tons of cool features in the custom firmware.

Look up Sveasoft or OpenWRT.
I have a small post about the Sveasoft firmware @