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Thread: configuring ICS or NAT

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    configuring ICS or NAT

    I wasnt sure which forum this goes in... this seemed the closest...

    I live in one of those mother-in-law apartments, and I my landlord lets me share the cable connection and he also provides free cable tv...

    in order to get internet, I use wireless. He let me put my wireless router in his office. I have a wireless NIC card on my 2003 server over here at my place.

    I want to connect my other machines to the network over here, but I am having a bit of trouble to get ICS or NAT working. I tried them both, with no luck. I followed the help pages and set it up according to them for both ICS and Routing and Remote Access (obviously not at the same time... I tried both of them coz I couldnt get one to work, so I tried the other).

    ICS is alot more simple interface; I set ICS on the wireless NIC and set it to allow my local NIC to use its connection. I then plugged in my local hub which had a 2000 workstation connected to it with automatic ip discovery set.

    one thing that caught my eye was that I have the network icons set to the system tray when they are connected, but the red X wont go away on the local NIC, so I am not sure its doing anything (The NIC works fine, used it the other day when I took the machine in the landlords house).

    does the fact that the local NIC red X not go away indicate what I think it does? ie; I didnt do something right.

    I have a picture that sums up what my layout is here; http://e403.com/images/Drawing2.jpg

    so... I am supposed to connect a hub or another router to the local NIC which has been designated as the local connection through the wireless share?

    hope all that made sense...

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    It would probably be simpler to put a wireless card into each
    of your computers and let them talk directly to the router.
    You wouldn't need to run ICS on the server.

    But, the way you have it set up, it should still work.
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    yea, it SHOULD work... but doesnt.

    I dont want to spend 40-50 dollars for each computer to get new NICs, when I can just plug them into a local hub or router and have the server connect to the main router.

    I can get my 200pro workstation to ping the server when I have it connected, but its on a different subnet coz I connected a local router to the server and it has its own NAT. so, that gets rid of the red X, but the 2000pro client cannot connect to the internet.

    I think they both need to be in the same workgroup to allow the client to connect to the internet from the servers connection from what I read. Is this true?

    my server is a domain server with active directory, not a workgroup, but when I try to get the 2000pro client to join the domain, it cannot find it. I did add the 2000pro computer to the AD users/computers list.

    I will try again, but if anyone sees something I might have missed..... feel free to comment

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