I am building a site and I want every page to have to same look.

I am putting the left navigation and menu bar and the top logo and headline on everypage.
Everything in between them will be differant depending on the page.

I want all the code for the left nav bar and headline on one file and when I start a notepad page for the home page and other pages I want to reference the original file (without having alot of the same code on every page) with a line of code and then put in the extra code for whatever will be seen on that page. I hope I have explained this properly.

What I mean is - I want one notepad page that defines the left nav. bar and heading and then on the source for the pages I want to reference this 'template' file and then add the code for each individual page - not have redundant code on every page.

How do I do this?

This is not a question of style sheets, so please in answering, don't confuse what Im askiing with .css's. It is somewhat like style sheets in that if, for example, I want to change the displayed heading logo I only have to do it on the original 'template' file ..........

Im thinking it has to do with the 'link' tag in the head, but I can't get any of the attributes to this tag to work ......... or maybe its not the 'link' tag ..... lol

Thanks to all who respond ............