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Thread: 2 Really Stupid Questions - or I should know better but I had to go there.

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    2 Really Stupid Questions - or I should know better but I had to go there.

    By now I'm quite sure you've heard all the media hype involving Martha Stewart's release from prison, her subsequent house arrest, and her taking over as the 'Boss' on future seasons of 'The Apprentice'. If you've been living outside the boundaries of the US, or within our borders and under a rock, here's a link to catch you up:


    My questions are this:

    WTF is with all this media hype and national attention to a convicted felon? YEESH!


    Who in the hell will really want to be 'the apprentice' to a convict? For that matter, what will she be having them do, help her bake cookies?

    [Dennis Miller-esque Rant]It seems to me that today's society wants to reward those who get caught doing illegal acts. Martha is just another in a long line of Felons who've captured the hearts and minds of the American public of late. Although her silken glove seems to fit, it appears that she's still gotten away with murder: her company's stock is soaring to all-time highs, and she's landed not one but two new TV contracts. She can't CEO her company, or sit on it's board of directors, but she still owns it and is making millions. I suppose that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

    That's just MY opinion, I COULD be wrong. [/Dennis Miller-esque Rant]
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    [SARCASM]White collar crime is the in thing[/Sarcasm]

    We have to remember that capitalism is a mechanism established to DEAL with the natural cupidity or man NOT to influence it.

    This is the same system that acquits a man in criminal court and convicts him of the same crime in civil court (OJ - for the slower members here)
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