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Thread: Dual boot (w2k & XP) with a USB external drive BSODs

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    Dual boot (w2k & XP) with a USB external drive BSODs

    OK, I've trawled the other posts and nothing quite like this seems to exist out there...

    I've a Fujitsu-Siemens S7010 laptop (pre-built with W2kPro by employer). I also have a 40gb IBM Travelstar 2.5 harddisk from an old laptop in a USB case. The laptop supports usb2.0 in the bios (I can see the external drive in my boot order options if its plugged it... before installing any o/s)

    So I want to install XP onto the external drive giving me the dual boot option to run w2k on the internal drive or xp on the usb connected drive - since its my employers machine I don't want to mess with the install of the internal drive.

    I get as far down the road of the xp install as choosing the partition, formatting the drive (ntfs), copying all setup files to h/d, and setup then reboots the machine. At that point in the install after reboot, as setup continues I get a BSOD stating "inaccessible_boot_device"

    The bios sees the external drive, its in the list for boot devices but it just won't play...

    do I need additional drivers? I've read dual boots with win/linux products.. so does a dual boot of this nature not work with ms/ms combos?

    any help greatly appreciated folks!

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    Is this laptop your work laptop ?
    Used by you in your job ?

    Then it is quite possible that you are NOT admin on system...........
    What logon procedure do you have ? [network ? / This Computer ?]

    You may need to speak to your work admins, and ask for permission to set this up, they may want / need to do it for you...............

    Is this the ONLY PC you have ?
    If you DO have another desktop PC at home, then use THAT for the XP only.

    Leave the work one for work only.............

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    yes - i use it for work

    yes - it serves a purpose in what i do professionally

    and no - it's not 'quite possible' that i do not have admin rights... one of the first things I ensured.

    why would i bother to look towards installing an alternate boot if i had ease of access to other machines? because the OTHER machines are 5000 miles away at home... patronism isn't really what i asked for and I saw this forum as a great meduim for adding technical insight to the problem stumping me... its not as though i said "hey, i just swapped my old laptops h/d with my new one and it doesn't work".. if you can add some value i'll gladly listen and certainly be appreciative...

    otherwise... I'll leave you to your opinions - but thanks for the swift response

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