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Thread: fire wall with holes

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    fire wall with holes

    our college seems to have a fire wall which blocks acess to certain sites like those with MP3 int he url or stuff anyway the thing is that it is so simple to bypass it it has become a joke infact a simple way to view PRon is to go to yahoo search for vids using this term
    "hot"."girl" and turn safe search off viola we ahve somthing which would freak out the admin

    the fire wall seems to work as follows if certain words appear in the url of a site acess is denied I'm wondering should i tell the admin about it or not after all should i tll them how ppl manage to bypass the **firewall** or let it be ignore it and continue normal life
    any advice will be appreciated also what are the different firewalls that can be used to prevent acess cause this one sux bad

    any way thanx in advance
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    you could - but don't claim F/W misconfiguration or firewall bugs unless you are very VERY sure of the ground you stand on.

    how do you know that the firewall isn't doing exactly what it's supposed to? why don't you see if the college & uni has a firewall FAQ site.

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    It's possible that the F/W is set as required, and you have managed to side step the 'Parentel Control' filter.

    Just 'cos it's a school, doesn't mean they don't use all the tools available
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    Please be careful................there are those who might take helpful suggestions as criticism..........I guess Foxy has it about right.............things are set to suit them?

    What I am saying is that if I can show that I took "reasonable" precautions, I have covered my tail/rear-end.......whatever?

    Now, it may be rather ineffectual.................but I did take reasonable care and you guys circumvented it............?

    My advice is to say nothing until it is your living........

    Anyways..........a fine young gentleman such as yourself would not be visiting pr0n sites............so why should I bother

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    I would tell the admin, but that's just me. I agree with other posters, however, that you shouldn't be assuming that this is a firewall misconfiguration. However, given the fact that are somehow blocking access to some sites, I think that it's reasonable to assume that they don't want students looking at certain sites on the university network. If students are able to bypass their controls, they would probably want to know about it.
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    K live and let live it is then

    well it seems that most ppl seem to feel its useless to tell the admin somthing they might already know so well I forgot everything of how to do any bypassing


    CIAO Thanx again
    anything that doesn\'t kill you or your dreams only makes you stronger

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