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Thread: VB6 & Access Database.

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    Question VB6 & Access Database.


    I am totally new to programming, and I was really happy that I could write my first programming with somewhat a brilliant success.. Until I got kicked out of my happiness reign by an out os sympathy error message...

    I've been trying to to connect an Access Database to my VB program. I made an ADO connection, everything was working nicely.

    When I made up the EXE file and moved the program to another computer the program collapsed. I could not access to the database, and everytime I click on the button {Dedicated to access the database} the program tends to show a Run-time error "339".

    I googled looking for some codes or solutions. I tried bunch of codes, but no hope. Seems to be " A Beyond Remedy Error"

    Any ideas will be highly appreciated....

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    The other computer needs to have MS Jet Installed.


    The version does Jet required depend on what version you use to make your ADO connection.

    Do you make your Connection Mode by Code or with the "wizard"? Not sure how the program might react to the mdb file being in the wrong folder. Can you run your program on your computer but on another folder?
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