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    Command Prompt

    Hello every one im new to this site

    I have a doubt in cmd (command prompt) i use windows 2000 nt when i tried the command net helpmsg 5 it's saying Access denied why is it saying so , is it because our LAN administrator made it access denied or is it made by the Microsoft people and also Richard Stallman aka RMS during his lecture in our college he said that real player and windows search send all our information about our system whether we are using pirated or original version how to know whether it sends our info or not

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    that is because the Net command's help Message # 5 is "Access Denied"

    Examples of using the net command to find Win32 error codes are shown below.

    In this example:

    C:\> net helpmsg 126
    "The specified module could not be found."

    An error code of 126 (0x7e hex) indicates a dependency issue to be resolved.

    In this example:

    C:\ >net helpmsg 5
    Access is denied.

    An error code of 5 indicates the use of a third-party driver that is not compatible with the version of NDIS supplied with Windows XP Embedded.

    The following table shows some common Win32 errors that may appear in an FBA file.
    Read the whole story..


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