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Thread: National Sections

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    National Sections

    Would it be possible to have national sections, in a general sense. I'm thinking of questions asked by members that are only relevant to US and then again others that are only relevant to the UKand Europe as a Continent, for example , govenment(politics), legislation (laws, national/local) products(eg IBM here is different from IBM there) pricing, and most EU stuff which does'nt apply to US, etc,etc,etc,etc-----------Does this make any sense ? I'm beginning to confuse myself
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    Re: National Sections

    Does this make any sense?

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    Oh but I'm sure we will all be sperate but equal right? Ha look how that worked out. Naw I'm just jokeing I'd just define who you mean to be your audience. Others are sure to comment but it provides a outsider perspective on things.

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