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ah, hep-c... oops. ya got me on that one - but on the other hand and more to the topic, the (admittedly very few) folks I know who have hep-c didn't smell...
i've known three (but then again i don't know anybody with aids.) which isn't allot, but when they get near the end their breath and their body stink. the body's poisons try to come out threw the skin and lungs because the liver can no longer process it. First they smell like hot-dogs, then they smell like ****.

most who have it don't know it untill they have pain in their stomach and go to a doctor...too late. junkies know it right away, but usually die from aids first so they're pretty much out of the picture.

BTW: when someone is diagnoisd with Hep-c they ususlly lose their job no matter how they got it...(homeless)