Our forum was hacked a few days ago, this is the second time now, is there anyone in here with the skills to track this guy down for us? I'm presenting you guys with a challenge to attain bragging rights!!!!

I'm not the clan owner, but an admin, if anyone can help I'll ask him to post all relevant information.

This hacker is threatening us & we suspect that we know who it is, so possibly I have his ip on file, although he claims to have deleted logs & is using a "stolen dial-up connection". I assume by his threats posted below that he intends to target our online game server's FTP next, any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as we are a gaming clan & not really into hacking related stuff.

As you may be aware, the ACE forums got hacked.

The hacker sent me an email and reading it, it sounds like somebody we know.

Here they are and you tell me what you think and if you know if there is anything we can do to track him down.

I have replied to these emails and told him I already know who he is.

Email 1

Hopefully this will teach you a lesson, be careful who you **** with. Don't

spread **** that isnt true. Next time, it wont just be your forums. I will

not reveal the source of the attack, however i will tell you that your

database has been compromised. I am offering a backup of your database taken

minutes before the attack in agreement that your clan will no longer promote

several lies pertaining to other clans and their members.

~ Marx

Email 2

We'll see my friend. Since you have my home address I'm sure you wouldn't

mind sharing it with me. Also, good luck with the ip address, I don't mind

telling you that I am running off of a stolen dial up connection outside of

the states so tracking my ip address with accuracy would be quite a task.

Also, don't bother with the web logs, all traceable data has been truncated.

Hope you enjoy the surprises I have embedded for later. As for your site,

this was no attack against you as your clan surely suffers more than you do.

I have attached a copy of the backup in a previous email to your hotmail

address once you realize your forum cant do without it. I'd like to see you

speed up your game reflexes a bit, your not providing a worthy challenge

lately. See you in the games,

~ Marx