Wow, thank you all for the great replies.

And I'll concede the point: it's better to be well-rounded. fair enough.

I certainly wouldn't want to exlude myself from any decent jobs because of this preference, but it would play some part in my choice, if I had one.

Please note, the following is not meant to offend anyone... just my thoughts... keep in mind I have *no* industry experience, so take this with a grain of salt, but...

I don't want to be the snob that refuses to work on platform Q, but I think I *do* want to devote myself to primarily to UNIX.

Why? I don't know if I'm entirely clear on that. Part of me feels like working on security problems for Windows is a waste of time. Sort of the same way I would feel about spending many hours installing aftermarket performance parts in a Honda Civic. It wasn't designed for that, why not just spend my money on a nice car to begin with? More to the point -- if I was going to learn all about high performance automotive engineering, wouldn't I want to get a job at Porsche rather than Hyundai?

I want to do other things in life besides sit in front of a computer, and while I could spend my working life slapping band-aids on Windows, I think I would rather learn to properly secure real, serious systems. It just appeals more to me, and seems like a more efficient use of my time.

How many years does it take as a Windows admin to get a job working for, say, Citibank securing their data center? (answer: infinite?)

So now that I've offended Windows admins and Honda owners.... ;-)

I could go on and on about my feelings for Windows, but I suspect many here already feel the same anyway... thanks again for the ideas.