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Thread: Splinter Cell Challenge

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    Splinter Cell Challenge

    I'd just like to inform that world about new data on the game "Splinter Cell" (1) for PC. It is possible to complete the entire 10-level game without actually killing any people who are not required to die by explicit mission requirements, plot, or environmental explosions. (Pretty much everyone but Kombayn Nikoladze.)

    And now I don't know what to do with my life :P
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    but..hack slash, shoot (sweeeeet head shot), pistol whip, landmine.. maime kill destroy.. is certainly more satisfying..
    do you mean to say that some one actualy played the game with the intent to not kill anyone?.. what a sick pup.. he needs a shrink..

    life is now without a true purpose..
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    I have done it without killing any one on the x-box havent played it for pc at the start when your getting training the instructor says your gun should be a last resort but heh head shots are always fun. Im addicted to Americas Army now much more of a challenge since its real people you play against and its FREE w00t
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