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Thread: New Virus for Cell Phones: Commwarrior.A

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    New Virus for Cell Phones: Commwarrior.A

    So, have you got an AV for your phone yet?

    Further details here

    Source: CNN

    New virus found in phone messaging

    'Commwarrior.A' is a virus designed to spread through multimedia messages and drain phone batteries.

    HELSINKI, Finland (Reuters) - A new mobile phone software virus started spreading this week via messages containing photos and sounds, the first of its kind and a threat to cellphones globally, data security firms said Tuesday.

    The Commwarrior.A virus tries to replicate itself by sending multimedia messages to people on the phone's contacts list, and also tries to do the same via Bluetooth wireless connections with other devices, eventually draining the battery.

    Unlike computer viruses that spread quickly around the world via the Internet, mobile phone viruses have previously been limited by technology.

    Cabir, the world's first mobile phone virus "in the wild," has spread to only 16 countries in 6 months using Bluetooth connections.

    But Commwarrior.A tries to send variously named multimedia messages (MMS) to phones running the popular Series 60 phone operating software by Symbian, security software maker Symantec said in a statement.

    If the user does not click and download the message the virus will not spread.

    "I do not think this particular virus will be a big problem, but it is the beginning of a new era," said Mikko Hypponen, director of Finnish anti-virus research company F-Secure.

    "It's revolutionary as all previous mobile viruses have been spreading either with some other software or only within a limited area, using Bluetooth," he said.

    Hypponen said the first indications suggested the virus originated in Russia.

    The mobile virus threat is seen as growing as software writers become more sophisticated and phones use standardized technologies that make it easier for viruses to spread across not just specific devices but the whole industry.

    The world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia (Research), which controls 48-percent of Symbian, said the mobile phone industry is ready for mobile viruses and can draw upon the lessons seen in the personal computer world.

    "In general, (the finding) is not a surprise to anyone in the industry," said Nokia spokesman Pekka Isosomppi. "We can benefit from the experiences of the PC world ... we can use the 20-30 year virus history in PCs."

    Isosomppi and Hypponen also said that mobile operators should be able to stop a wider virus outbreak by screening for suspicious files.
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    Just as I suspected!

    It's not really a question of will it come or not, will it happen or not! It's just a question of when.

    It got me thinking, because recalling the cabir virus, just passing the market yesterday night, some nasty bluetooth-enabled device is (again) trying to send me bluetooth message/file. Good thing that an authorization blocks it before you say Yes or No.

    Now, talking about virus via MMS, wow, like an e-mail message with attachement. I've always view the mms (Multimedia Messages) were the next cool thing in mobile, now it will be the next nasty thing around. Good thing for me that data services here in my current location is too costly that's why I didn't avail it yet.

    BTW, I'm still looking for a FREE ANTIVIRUS for my Nokia 3650 (Series 60), anybody have some link? Thanks!

    What's next, hacking mobile via GPRS/WAP? or maybe I'm not aware of mobile updates lately.

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    The only thing I can find are antivirus for the SmartPhone and the Palm Trio. I haven't found anything for the "common" cellphone (yet)

    However, if one comes available, it'll be on this site I always use:


    It has a bunch of software for various phones (once you have a data cable for it & sync software)

    Check it out

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    Mob Viri

    Mobile Viruses are already in place, but in its archetype. Nowadays mobile viruses are limited to perform some primitive actions like sneding MMS and SMS to numbers in the contact list......

    New age of mobiles have all the technology needed for a major visrus outbreak. like Bluetooth technology, data transfere accross many networks and even with Java. In 2004 the most popular phone OS Symbias has witneesed the first proof-of-concept worm SymbOS.Cabir

    This worm repeatedly sends itself to the first Bluetooth-enabled device that it can find, regardless of the type of device. For example, even a Bluetooth-enabled printer will be attacked if it is within range.

    The worm spreads as a .SIS file, which is installed into the APPS directory. There is no payload, apart from the vastly shortened battery life caused by the constant scanning for Bluetooth-enabled devices.
    I guess Mobile viruses are still low-level at the risk scale. But there us always one fact the is getting clearer more and more ever day passes by. "Everything linked to the Internet should be protected by an AN".

    Meanwhile, the situation seems to be calm and cool... But ti will be stormy soon, this matter is an open-end subject as we don't have a clear, to some extentions, idea about the future of mobile viriis... To be honest, I won't be loving to install an AV in my mobile...

    Just my $ 0.02

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    and even with Java
    *Me kisses my mobile phone based on Java*

    It seems to me that outside of bluetooth the virus MUST trespass the providers network. Therefore they will have to implement some filtering method or risk lost business? Good opportunity for enterprising individuals. The cell phone companies could also force install a client on phones.
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    Wink Networking support in Symbian OS

    The cell phone companies could also force install a client on phones.
    - actually, this feature is on their list now, development of newer mobile OS platform includes these specification.

    Networking support in Symbian OS includes:

    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
    User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
    IPv4/v6 stack. The TCP/IP stack provides a plug-in architecture. Plug-ins can interact with OSI level 2, 3 and 4 components and can be installed, loaded and unloaded at runtime. IP-based Symbian OS clients such as email, HTTP, SSL, Java MIDP, SyncML over HTTP and web can use IPv6 addressing as well as IPv4 addressing, DHCP for IPv6
    Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
    Point to Point Protocol (PPP)
    Domain Name System (DNS)
    dial up networking support
    security protocols for secure electronic commerce: Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    IPSec: IP layer protocol used to secure host-to-host or firewall-to-firewall communication. IPSec is a plug-in module to the IP stack providing tunnelling, authentication and encryption for both IPv4 and IPv6. VPN clients based on IPSec will be commercially available from Symbian partners
    Telnet Protocol engine
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) engine
    Ethernet support: wired interface (PCMCIA cards for WINS and on-board Ethernet chip for development board) supports 10BaseT and 100BaseTX in full or half duplex; Wireless interface (IrLAN)
    RTP Realtime protocol support.
    Since the above features will be possible, remote installation, configuration and access of mobile is very possible.

    More specs here - http://www.symbian.com/technology/sy...91-det.html#29

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