Samsung Unveils 82 Inch LCD
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Thread: Samsung Unveils 82 Inch LCD

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    Samsung Unveils 82 Inch LCD

    Posted by CmdrTaco on Tuesday March 08, @09:15AM
    from the all-the-better-to-doom-you-with dept.

    karvind writes "Physorg is reporting that Samsung Electronics has developed the world's largest liquid crystal display panel. This 82-inch TFT-LCD is 17 inches larger than LCD flat panel previously developed by Sharp. This development challenges plasma display panels in this market area. This full HD image quality (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) TFT-LCD panel was developed at the company's new production complex in Tangjeong, Korea. The soon-to-be operational 7th-generation production facility uses glass substrates that measure 1.87m x 2.20m."


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    Imagine playing doom 3 on that thing with the best vid card... wow...
    I am the uber duck!!1
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