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    Originally posted here by rowdy_yates
    I am an MCSE...
    My condolences No, I'm joking. I just don't hold that piece of paper very high.
    I had to kick a few of those "profesionals" out of our serverroom because they were *****ing things up. And they all tend to run everything as administrator....(hence the pun)

    It's a nice piece of paper to use..... on the toilet..
    Oliver's Law:
    Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

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    Post deleted.

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    I didn't create the app...I was just told not to change or modify anything....and given that to secure it I needed to adjust some stuff I did do the foolish thing and ask one of the higher ups if I could fix that little issue but they said no.

    I can't help what they don't want me to do.

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    I think that you have bigger problems than you think. What about physical security?

    Hey if you can't trust the users not to mess with it, you shouldn't be letting them anywhere near it?

    If they have physical access then they could use boot disks/CDs or whatever to crack your system?

    And when your bosses will not allow amendments, it does not sound if they have clearly defined their objectives, or the "rules of engagement".

    I don't know the politics, but I really think that you need to get this sorted out...........why did the original developer leave before the job was completed?

    just a few thoughts

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    The physical access of the machine won't be a problem when I finsih configuring it. It is in a secure lab that is monitored by cameras and other such lovely devices as well as a guard not to far away. Outside devices aren't allowed in the lab. Also I locked out the bios and the machine cannot and will not do a normal boot up with out a password. I never new you can triple lock out the bios/ boot area till I got to this machine. It is kind of funny. You need 1 password to get into the bios. One to boot up the machine and another if you want to boot from some other nifty device outside of the HD like the internal cd or disk drive.

    Sorry I am just learning this stuff....Am a little proud. I haven't been doing this that long.

    But I don't think the physical security is going to be an issue.

    As for the developer....they told me it was a difference of opinion. And wouldn't go into it.

    I just got hired here. I don't have the pull to ask much. So I am not going to snoop...but I can go around their requests. If I have to...actions first explain later kind of thing.

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