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Thread: 'Enemies of Linux' try to undermine OS

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    'Enemies of Linux' try to undermine OS

    Now...who do you suppose these " enemies "...these " un-named vendors ".. could possibly be ?...hummmmm....

    unnamed vendors are trying to scare firms with a campaign claiming that Linux is inadequately supported for enterprise use.
    'Enemies of Linux' try to undermine OS - vnunet.com

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    lets see it in details:
    "There are enemies of Linux that will introduce questions about the stability and ability of some companies to offer service and support, but there is the same quality of service and support available for Linux as there is for any big enterprise version of Unix,"
    This is true. I have doubs about some distros on this subject (service and support). As any other market, there is awfull distro an excellent ones. And excellent ones are fewer than the medium ones. So? what is the point? Not a critic for Linux, its a critic for Distros. THere is a lot of "companies" out there that cant support an enterprise.
    Linux is absolutely a secure operating system to the extent that it does not suffer any more or less than any other mature enterprise operating system. The 2.6 kernel is a key step forward in terms of boosting security and reliability
    yeap. I agree 100%. "it does not suffer any more or less ". Its good as other mature O.S. Linux is not the best O.S. on Earth.
    It is nonsense to say that nobody owns Linux and nobody is responsible for it. Linux has a development process that is very similar to any enterprise operating system. It is not like we are talking tens of thousands of developers responsible for the kernel and subsystems...
    Full time kernel core operating system developers number in the hundreds. There are very well defined professional processes in place for the development of the kernel and subsystems.
    "Is there a kernel development community to fix problems fast and professionally? Yes, absolutely
    IMHO, there is the strength of Linux comparing with "other" O.S.
    Linux is moving beyond its traditional role as just a web server platform, according to Pratt. "Look at Oracle and IBM. Oracle is using Linux as the OS for its grid. This shows that there is a solution stack on top of Linux that is not just Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl, but a mixture of open source and proprietary software. ISVs such as Oracle, CA, SAP and IBM are fleshing out the Linux stack," he explained.
    Although I agree about Linux excellence, i think that Oracle/IBM movements toward Linux are just to break MS legs. They just want o slow down MS dominance. IBM is doing an excellent job on this aspect. Supporting Linux on all of its platforms, deploying large installations of Linux, etc...
    But i dont trust that IBM will continue to do that if MS went down
    Pratt was careful to emphasis that Linux is not a panacea and should only be deployed where it is appropriate.
    Very good statement.
    At OSDL we are trying not to be religious about Linux. We do not want to be evangelists about Linux where it is not practical to put Linux
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    Seems more like commercial rivalry/FUD.

    I appreciate that there certainly was a concern about third party support for Linux, but this has been improving in recent years, and there have been commercial flavors of Unix around for a long time.

    just my £0.02

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    Crappy, poorly designed operating systems need lots of "support".
    The umbilical cord back to the mother ship is always necessary.

    The dirty little secret is that businesses can hire their own IT personnel
    to support open source software in house. Who needs those expensive
    service contracts that bleed you to death.

    As for individuals, you have already learned the hard truth that vendor
    "support" is bullshit. You are on your own. At least with Open Source,
    the info you need is available somewhere.
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    In Business You don't have friends..

    I think my hate for the general media is known.. and the term "enemies of Linux" in the context of this report is a emotional ploy.. The attempt is to re-enforce the open-source "underdog" status..
    The truth is. it is business.. and in business you don't have friends.. aliances..not friends.. you have clients/customers..not friends.. you will have suppliers, these will also supply your rivals. definatly are not friends.

    The hand tickle this week is the knife in the back next week.. The enterprise market is like a newbie comming on AO and asking "How do I Hack Hotmail"

    Nelson Pratt, is either naive, or thinks the reader/reporter is .. or a fool

    If your takeing such heat, you dont whine.. you simply let your quality product shine, let your customers brag about your quality of service..

    seems that pratt has been encountering a return on the corporate **** slinging

    "They say that too many patches and we are not secure, or not enough patches and we are not addressing security well enough, but the arguments begin to sound specious."

    yep a Lear Jet story..whine whine whine whine
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    I think people confuse the term "enterprise". It's not a pc setting on the desk used to chat. It's not even a web server or two. I think having 50 is stretching it...
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