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    Question Windows Tablet Question

    Hey All,

    Anybody here have experience with Windows XP Tablet Edition?

    We've got some software here that uses the old Install Sheild 2 to install some software and no matter how many times we try, it just won't install.

    Was wondering, those who have experience with the tablets, if there is an issue with Install Sheild 2 and Windows Tablet Ed.?

    It's only one user with this issue, but it's a nagging one.

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    Hi tyger_claw,

    Hope these can've been waiting for awhile so I thought I'd give it a shot...
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    On occasion I find install shield packaged programs that won't install. Mostly I can find a setup.exe which bypasses the install.exe file and allows the program to load.
    You might want to reinstall Windows installer 3.0 on that particular system, it can't hurt and might help. Get Windows installer 3.0 from MS website.
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