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Thread: Network Prob

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    Network Prob

    The whole scenario

    I have three computer A, B and C
    The prob is that i have two computers A and B connected to hub and they are communicating with out any prob the thrid computer is near computer B i want to connect computer C to computer B with out attaching computer C to the hub tell me the solution fr this


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    tell me the solution fr this
    Yes Sir

    I cannot think of more than
    a) buying another network card for computer B, use a cross-linked cable and set, for example the TCP/IP, accordingly.
    b) connect them using a USB cable or Serial cable or Parallel Cable or FireWire (?)[1]
    (google: "how to direct connection 2 pc" )
    c) Wireless Cards and an access point

    But why do you want to do this in that way[2]?


    [1] http://www.windowsnetworking.com/art...s/dccmain.html
    [2] http://lpt.usbfireinfo.com/HowToChoose/howtochoose.htm
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