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Thread: SSH 4.0 correction

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    SSH 4.0 correction

    SSH 4.0 was released for download yesterday but there was an issue

    The release announcement for OpenSSH 4.0p1 had an incorrect md5sum for the
    portable tarball. The correct md5 is below, otherwise you may verify the
    integrity of the release using the PGP signature, contained in the file
    "openssh-4.0p1.tar.gz.sig" in the release directory.

    MD5 (openssh-4.0p1.tar.gz) = 7b36f28fc16e1b7f4ba3c1dca191ac92

    Apologies for any confusion,
    If anyone uses this it is suggested that you update.

    The site to download the new version is here


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    Re: SSH 4.0 correction

    Originally posted here by saviente
    If anyone uses this it is suggested that you update.
    If I read the announcement correctly then you do not need to download a new version. They only posted the wrong md5sum. So if you downloaded it, you could not verify it was correctly transmitted.
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