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Thread: Mistakes People Make that Lead to Security Breaches

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    Mistakes People Make that Lead to Security Breaches


    This list was created in October 2001 and I was curious on people's opinions of how far we've come.

    The Five Worst Security Mistakes End Users Make

    All but number 5 still seem to be hot spots.

    The Seven Worst Security Mistakes Senior Executives Make was covered in this thread


    The Ten Worst Security Mistakes Information Technology People Make or should it say competent IT people make.

    For a competent Admin all of these should be a non-issue or number 11
    Allowing untrained, uncertified people to take responsibility for securing important systems.
    has occurred.

    The only real issue I see as a big issue is Number 10. I think no matter how competent your IT staff is, there is still a drop off in education. Although if the user's knew everything where would we be?
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    If our users knew everything that we (should) know about security, the world would be a happy and secure place

    And I'd be saying "would you like fries with that?"

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