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    Limp Bizkit porn leak could lead to Hilton hacker

    Now how true this is isn't clear. I just got this off of FD. It will be interesting to see how this progresses. Additional links include:

    http://www.illmob.org (note: they have a link pointing to a mirror at **VERY EXPLICIT AND NOT WORK FRIENDLY)

    Source: C|Net

    A celebrity porn deal gone bad could be the key to cracking the T-Mobile hacking case, publicity professional David Hans Schmidt said Friday.

    Late Tuesday night, an amateur porn video of Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst and an unknown woman hit the Internet. Schmidt, a Phoenix-based publicist who has made a business out of representing celebrities for the sale of nude photos, said that people describing themselves as hackers who stole the video from Durst's PC had approached him to cut a deal with the singer. The video appeared online after the purported hackers backed out of the talks, Schmidt said.

    Schmidt's contact information was posted alongside the video on the Internet, supporting his claims that he had been negotiating with the online thieves.

    "I've been talking to Durst's manager for a month now," he said. "Now the deal is dead in the water. They (the purported online thieves) had illegal information, and I was trying to turn that into a deal for them."

    The Firm, the management agency that represents Limp Bizkit, declined to comment Friday on the Durst video and on Schmidt's statements.

    Schmidt said that the purported Durst hackers had claimed to also be responsible for hacking into the Sidekick mobile device belonging to celebrity heiress Paris Hilton. That information could be a break for T-Mobile, which provides cellular service for the device, and law enforcement agencies, which have been investigating how Hilton's personal information was leaked to the Internet.

    Schmidt said he is planning to contact law enforcement officials on Friday to fully cooperate with their investigation. "I have a named contact to those (purported hackers), and I have their banking information," he said. "I'm seeking full prosecution of these people."

    Reports that the video was stolen from a T-Mobile Sidekick device in a similar manner to the theft of Paris Hilton's information are incorrect, a representative for T-Mobile said on Friday. The company investigated the claims and found several inaccuracies.

    "Fred Durst is not a T-Mobile subscriber," spokesman Bryan Zidar said. "The video in question could not have originated from a Sidekick; the device does not have video capability. The video is also of a resolution not available on a wireless handset."

    Several blogs said that the three-minute Durst video had been posted by an alleged online thief who goes by the name of "T-Mobile Terrorist." These blogs also linked the video to a posting that included personal information on Schmidt and the message: "David Hans Schmidt...Nice try, but instead of you making money off this we'll give out for free. "
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    Somebody needs to get a life, it's just like when the video of Pam and Tommy Lee was supposedly stolen by contractors working in their house. It's called publicity and it's what they all crave.

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    Limp Bizkit has sex. Whoop dee doo.
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    Limp Bizkit has sex. Whoop dee doo.
    Wow, three-minutes. That's embarassing.

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    Re: Limp Bizkit porn leak could lead to Hilton hacker

    MsMittens post porn I was just expecting to see some naked harlots; I didn't know you were going to post Fred's small neener. Needs to be a *warning on that one. That has to be really embarrassing for him. I'm going to post Hiltons sidekick smut here in this link *WARNING* http://hacking.to/parishilton/
    You can see the smut/art that was stolen from the root source inside T-M, not hacked.

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    rofl, mittens posted pr0n . Ive always thought of fred durst as being someone of an enlightend fellow after reading his xanga

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    A friend of mine said he actually seen the vid and could not understand why durst would want anyone to see his manhood since it was so minimal..... LOL
    Sorry.... Just had to add that to the thread....
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    I'm unsure that anyone called "Limp... Anything" could be considered eminently qualified for the porn industry.....
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    LOL..... Never thought of it that way....
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    the latest craze

    There seems to be some sort of pattern. It seems as though, currently, if you are a celebrity of any kind and you want some more "exposure" the best/fastest (sic) way of getting that is to have a "stolen" video of you with your significant other posted on the Internet. I'm not to sure what the big deal is with doing somthing like this, but if TV has taught me anything (which it hasn't) it's that the average individual will gladly replicate what they think is "envogue", which is more often than not something that is perpetuated by the actions of celebrity. As a result of this, I think that there are possibly going to be many more instances of "stolen" sex videos, celebrity or not, that will be "leaked" onto the 'net. I've got new for individuals who are victims of this...if you don't want it to be "stolen" off of your computer, you can do one of a few things. Make sure that you have a secure system, take paranoid precautions to ensure security. Two, don't put it on a computer, unless the previous. Three, don't make these videos. It's simple, I've never understood how someone can participate in these activities and then complain when they feel that their privacy has been invaded. If you don't want this, it's simple don't take part in such activities...
    This reminds me of the Cleveland Indians baseball player who was in that gay porn, then acted upset when people found out about it.
    It's funny that these videos conveniently surfaced right now...the limpsters might have a new CD coming out shortly and needed some publicity to put them back in the public eye...

    Suffer your right of passage and make a sex video to be a true celebrity...bah.

    it seems like some kind of sick advertising campaign: "Paris, Gena Lee Nolin, Fred Durst, Pam and Tommy, who will be the next one, coming to an Internet near you March 21, 2005"

    But that's my rant for the week...

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