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Thread: Hping alternative

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    Hping alternative

    Originally posted here by KuiXing-2005

    Another tool you may wish to consider - depending on what you want to do, would be Hping. This tool is for packet crafting and manipulation. Per SANS: "It can be utilized for creating packets during audits to test firewalls and other network devices. It also functions as a network performance tester and a host availability checker. Hping allows you to modify the packet to fit your needs." It can handle manipulation on packet body and size, and fragmentation.

    Here's the link (just confirmed too): http://www.hping.org/download.html

    Tiger Shark - thanks for the info on the Bleeding Snort Malware ruleset didn't know about that. Woo-hoo! I can learn - and not just from pictures!

    Also a question back to the group - any experiences of TCPDump vs. Ethereal?

    I've been looking for a packet creator for windowsXP pro, does anyone have any suggestions. I haven't delved into the relm of Linux, but until then I would like to checkout and pen test my MS OS systems to see if I can force a few packets through that shouldn't


    P.S. I have searched google and other engines but everything I have found is for Linux or I can't get to work they way I would like it to.

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    What about hping for Windows?
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    Ms Mittens you know your stuff, Why I'd give you a kiss if that wouldn't offend you!!

    I steered away from HPing when is seen that is said it works well with Linux, OpenBSD etc.


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    Or the egage packet builder.

    I think there are a couple others though... I ran across one this AM. I'll have to dig it up again

    Ah yes... packet excalibur
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