Right now I am trying to set up an SSH server at home and what I am doing here as far as the setup is a tad bit unusual, I suppose, and I need some help.

Here is the setup... (all computers here run on XP except the potential server)

I have a computer in the basement IP ( connected to a router (

Upstairs I have two computers ( and ( both are connected to a switch that leads to the same router (

On the computer with IP address ( I have a VMWare guest Operating System (Red Hat Linux 9) with the IP address (

Now I have on my guest OS a SSH server set-up that I can access anywhere 'within' my home network on port 22. Now what I want to do is make it public so I can access it from anywhere. Trouble is the things I've tried up until this point have all failed.

What I need to know is my public IP, but whenever I go to websites like 'whatsmyip.com' I get the IP of my mail server? I say this because I did a port scan of the IP address and the only port open was POP3. (Perhaps I am mistaken I just thought that was weird).

I am looking into some reading reguarding port forwarding with my router, however the hurdle I still have is obtaining a public IP that I can get to from anywhere.

Any help on this is appreciated, thank you.