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    here's another twist for you guys....
    "10. Should I inform my employees or others that they are being monitored?
    The SpectorSoft software license agreement requires that you inform anyone you may monitor with SpectorSoft products."

    so here's my thing, why would this person be concerned about finding out if its monitoring his computer? If it's really the case they are stating, then all that legal junk implies. But if it is the IT organization, they are obligated by the product license to inform he/she/it that they are monitoring. Since he/she/it knew the software by name, most likely they were informed about it. and this leads me to the main question..."What the hell did they post for..." If they know its on the computer, and they know it is a spying app, what good would it do you to figure out how to tell if its monitoring you or not...it IS monitoring you...you know its installed. at that point, put on your tinfoil hat, its reading all your thoughts....goddamn some people are stupid. and google would have solved all their problems in the first place. glad i never hired a PI, Detective Dipsh*t is more like it.

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    Excellent points Killerbees

    Sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees

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    The story of the Spector Pro guy who expect he could fool AO

    The story of the Spector Pro guy who expect he could fool AO

    and google would have solved all their problems in the first place.
    – just like killerbeesateme said. Google would probably answer him the way he wanted.

    But since he went to AO for some help (if help is really what he needs for what), then the following summary should or could judge the fate of raindarkblue:


    Raindarkblue – is not actually telling the truth as had been revealed on Raindarkblue post # 3. How can we trust you now?

    BTW, raindarkblue – RTFM! And read Spector Pro FAQ (it could save you from oblivion!)
    Spector Pro FAQ - http://www.spectorsoft.com/products/...ndows/faq.html

    Raindarkblue post # 1 – NOT TRUE (aside from being admitted by you on your POST # 3), the scenario had been revealed to be NOT TRUE since, upon searching and reading the Spector Pro FAQ, and as per Sir nihil had mentioned on a quick glance to Spector Pro,

    1. It requires local physical or LAN installation (NOT via e-mail)
    2. The results can ONLY be monitored locally, or over the LAN
    3. and even if somehow, you had installed it from your side (BTW, the Admin even allowed the employee to do such?), after installation, the one who install it, would be the one who can configure it (think again), including the e-mail address (for Computer Receiving E-mailed Keystroke Detection Reports), unless you had been convinced by your spouse to use an alternative e-mail and let someone actually monitor you (funny huh!).

    Raindarkblue post # 2 – YOU ARE PISSED OFF AS WELL AS AO IS. Freedom of speech, we allow. But not an insult! First, you ask for help, you will get it. You ask for trouble, for sure you will get it. And talking about legal, license, like I told you, RTFM! BTW,
    But my question was for those of you who I thought knew much more about this than I do!
    Let me tell you what I know, from the Spector Pro FAQ
    14. I would like to purchase and download Spector Pro on the computer I am currently using, but install it on another computer. Is this possible?

    Yes, as long as the other computer is owned by you. Please do not install Spector Pro on a computer you do not own, as you may violate state or local law by monitoring the activities of property that does not belong to you.

    When your purchase is complete you will be given a download link and serial number. This will allow you to download and install Spector Pro from any computer connected to the internet. Alternatively, you can save the Spector Pro installation file to a CD-R and then use the CD to install on another computer.

    Please note that the software license for Spector Pro allows for one installation per purchase. If you would like to install Spector Pro on more than one computer, you may click here to add licenses anytime or call our office toll-free at (888) 598-2788 during operating hours and ask for multiple license pricing.
    - Whoever install Spector Pro, if it’s from the ADMIN (they are probably watching you now while you read this – if you are in the office), they maybe using NEW! - Spector for Corporate Office Networks – so it’s legal.

    Raindarkblue post # 3 –
    ok ok ok!!!!!!!!
    Enough Already!!!!!!!!
    I am the spouse and what I really want to know is how the heck do I find where the b***** sent me this email??????? How can I prove it?
    – And the TRUTH shall set you FREE!

    - the b**** was not the source of Spector Pro, you’re done thinking with this? Or do we really need to go on thinking this was the case?
    - What are you trying to prove? If ever you are really trying to tell the TRUTH about the keylogger installed from E-mail, it is therefore not the Spector Pro, then you should report it ASAP.
    - OK OK. May I ask you how do you retrieve your company e-mails? By E-mail client program (i.e. outlook, outlook express, etc.) or web-based? From here we could start a new FACT-FINDING COMMISSION.

    I say it in that fashion because, being the suspicious old SOB I am there is a high probability that you are trying to socially engineer us into telling you how you might avoid detection if you were to try this on your poor "bitch" of a wife.....
    – TS has a point here, therefore, if this is the idea, we may not help you.

    And Raindarkblue, last thing, if ever you will reply to this thread again, AO deserves to know the TRUE SCENARIO if you really need the help you would deserve.

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    Greetings all, I just wanted to chime in from an Information Assurance stand point. I'm in the military (forward deployed to the big sandbox you all hear about in the news everyday). I am have been a Network Admin for over 7 years and all I can say about some of the thoughts on this thread is "Wow!!!"

    Something isn't settling right with me though... now, maybe it's because on my network (which is owned by the military), I have to assume a very fascist-like posture. But, why in the heck are some of these users given so much freedom? I've got my users so locked down, they have to request permission to add a USB device. They can't even change their desktop background and they definitely can not install software/hardware with their priviledge. GPO's a great btw.

    Anyhow, the IA portion... if a keylogger somehow made it's way onto the network... where are the security guys? I mean, at a bare minimum, you'd think the Net Admins would be checking the security and event logs every day. More importantly, does no one understand the importance of running an IDS? And don't get me even started on the federal statutes about Wire Fraud and all that.

    To the original poster of this thread... I hope you get your story straight before you get your date before the judge because if you were on my network, I'd have your ass in a sling for sure. You'd get punished by the military judcial system, then by the federal jusidical system (an no, it's not double jeopardy).

    That's all I've got...
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    Wow, I'm losing track of the cast of characters.
    Is the poster the spouse who sent the trojan, or the
    one who received it?
    Is he/she a chick or a dude? (that sort of **** matters a lot to me,LOL)

    I hope he /she replies and baits some more of these most
    excellent flamers to hone their rusty skills and polish
    their incindiaries.

    This is really some entertaining stuff, just like the Antionline
    of legend.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    the person posting is a female, who thinks her husband sent her an email containing a trojan/keylogger/whatever. it turns out she is retarded(ok we knew that) and that the monitoring software (if she was telling the truth about the name?) was installed by her admin (most likely).

    well this is what I have so far, but the smoke from all these flames makes it difficult to read sometimes.
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.


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    i have completely lost the total number of personalities that this sybil has. there is a high count of B$ factor.

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    You know what, I think this thread has been beaten, sliced, diced, chopped, mixed, minced and pureed -- and for fewer payments each month.

    'Nuff said.
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