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Thread: Dual Core Athlon Preview!

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    Dual Core Athlon Preview!

    I found a preview in Italien but the image speak for themself! Dual core will be a beast of power!!

    Link : http://www.hwupgrade.it/articoli/1193/2.html
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Hrm...I don't know what AMD is thinking. Why create a consumer product whose performance even approaches a top of the line workstation/server product? Or outperforms the Enthusiast products? I'm talking about why is the website's preview or AMD not putting an "FX" in the processor name? It would only make sense if the price is close to the capital needed to get a Dual Opteron 250 system, but otherwise it seems odd that there is no FX saying "this is for enthusiasts". Of course, it is probably their fastest Dual Core for now which makes a tiny bit more sense considering Intel...

    I'm waiting to see what Intel is thinking about this, considering they are (or were) planning on putting two slower processors into a single piece of silicone... Watching AMD show off their big guns like this might not be taken too kindly...

    Either way my AMD system (and many Intel Xeon systems) arent too threatened by this. It isn't too tough to put together a budget 2-CPU system that can spank systems that cost 2x as much. You just have to know how & where to push the system beyond what it was designed to regularly operate at while controling heat output, etc.

    I have a benchmark table with some systems on one of my "Projects" sites. See here for some Single/Dual/Quad/8-Way CPU systems benchmarked with CliBench (we've decided it has huge internal coding issues and more or less we aren't benching any more): http://files.timaxe.com/projects/clibench/

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