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    Here's one:


    It's a Congressional Report (by the RPC).

    And yes, Belgium supplied them with weapons as well... might be a "dinky" country, but one of the biggest (if not the biggest) weapons manufacturers in the world. If you've served in the US Army, you most likely have used one

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    I've been to Scottsdale gun club a many of times even shot the La France M16k(.45cal). I'd be the last person in the US to poke fun at weaponry from Belgium and Austria Euro etc.... I'd love to own some of these larger arms but I'm just not open to the 365/24/7 ATF raid agreement that comes with purchasing fully auto arms in the US. Great things come out of Belgium besides praline, I'm sure the earrings from Tiffany's I gave my girlfriend this valentines day probably had diamonds coming out of Belgium on them. Dinky in arms no, dinky meaning small and insignificant, yes that's a perfect name for Belgium ever since Leo's great chess move. No hard feelings.

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    At one time Belgium made night vision goggles were the best. Warmongers!
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    Speaking of Belguim prowness in the militarialistic ( I think I just invented a new word ) field of warfare...

    Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis

    gotta love the tin suits !


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    I think everyone is too immature for nukes and we all need to go back to wrist rockets - yep! Then countries who want to fight each other - terrorist groups included, all line up load up the rockets and let 'em go! Here - go get yours now - don't know if they are Belgium made though (I hear those are the best - laser scope and a compass in the stock)!


    That or - ooo-ooo! Or we could do Dodgeball (could call it Dodgeball Extreme or Dodgeball-X)!

    Cuz maybe using these techniques would keep us all from getting those orange Afros we learned about in "Spies Like Us" if all of our countries actually start using Nukes.

    I also love how countries, in reference to the article and Iran's negotiators are "...warning [...] that it soon may walk away from the discussion." Oh no - not that - don't walk away!... Oh wait - in this case a certain country may start strapping nukes to their suicide bombers (that they dont have) instead of just dynamite or C4.
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