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Thread: delete file

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    delete file

    After you delete file then empty the recycle bin.And you install some software where does it go.It is till in your pc.

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    Here you go recon, this should answer your question....

    Howstuffworks "When you delete files from your computer and after you empty it out of the Recycle Bin, where exactly does it go?"

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    When you delete a file you actually are not touching the file itself, you are just changing the identifier of the space the file is in to show that it is empty. Until you place something else in that space, the original information, is still actually there.

    Loading a new program may or may not cover that information up, because unless you specifie just exactly where that new information goes the computer itself will put it where it wants to.

    There are programs (I am not sure just which ones) that will fill all the unused space on your hard drive with random 1's and 0's. Or you can use a program like Spybot Search and Distroy 'Shredder' to delete the file in the first place (Shredder randomizes the used hard disk space in a fashion that makes it difficult for anyone but a pro to recover any information from it).

    If you are worried about experts with unlimited funds finding your files.....the only hope is to never create them in the first place.
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    I bought popup zero pro 7.0.It has a two week Grace.But Then you can't put the key in.It will take you to the site to buy it.I install it then back on.But no luck it till want let me put the key in.

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    There are several programs out there that will help you recover data that was deleted.
    The one I use the most for free I will attach. It is freeware and is very limited.

    It won't recover data after a format/reinstall. There are other methods to recover data after that point.

    You can use something like pgp to wipe slack space.

    There are also several programs to "shred or wipe" the file. Quite a few of them are freeware.
    Just do some searching and see what you like best.

    PGP will wipe with one pass. Data can still be recoverd, but it is expensive. If you are just wiping data that isn't that important, then I wouldn't worry about it. Data can be recovered if not overwritten 7 to 9 times.

    A program like this will really degrade your system performance. I disable it when I'm deleting large files like Linux DVD isos, or anything over a couple hundred megs. Kills my system....


    Remember to dump your pagefile too. Recently used data can often be recovered from your pagefile...

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    Recon...............please live up to your name and do a bit of research first?

    Into google please enter "freeware"........then tab down the bottom and as for whatever it is you want, for example "antivirus" put that into "search within results"

    As to your question:

    After you delete file then empty the recycle bin.And you install some software where does it go.It is till in your pc.
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