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    In MyComputer properties if delete or change the path of exe,com,bat.... and if i try to run a exe.com... file will it work i didn't try it as i don't know how to restore path and if i change the system files to another drive (is it possible to change the system files to another drive)then should i set the path or will the system itself does plzz help me

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    Why do you want to delete the PATH?

    You can restore it anyways. Just note what's in it now. Remember to seperate the directories with a semi-colon ( ; ).

    Just note that for a lot of essential files the OS uses an absolute path. Like c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe instead of just cmd.exe. The last one will use the path, the first not.

    I'm not sure but I'm guessing you want to move the windows directory to another drive?
    DO NOT DO IT LIKE THIS! It'll totally fsck things up. Some parts will come from the 'old' directory and some from the new one. And if you delete the 'old' one...........well....
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    Windows sets up a default path when it is installed. This path includes the
    directory where the system files are installed. It isn't unusual for people
    to add directories to the path, but deleting any entries will make the
    executable files in those directories not available at the command line.

    When you install software, it also may add entries to the path.

    There may be a safe way to change your system directory
    to some other directory, but I wouldn't attempt to do it manually.
    I don't know how many steps are involved in accomplishing it
    successfully. The easiest way would be to specify it
    when you install the OS.

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